Cartier love bracelet was first seen in the summer of 1969, created by the late Aldo Cipullo, whose early work for Cartier focused on modern interpretations of ancient designs and legends.


The Love Bracelet was Cipullo’s interpretation of the Chastity Belt, a device husbands are said to have locked around their wive’s waists to ensure fidelity while the men were away.


Cipullo designed a two piece Cartier bracelet that bolts together around the wrist. It comes with a tiny screwdriver to take it on and off, symbolizing a “locked up,” committed relationship.


Cartier loved the bracelet and implemented a policy: customers could not buy a Cartier Love Jewelry for themselves. The company presented his-and-hers bracelets to 25 famous couples. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor–all participated in the fun. Unfortunately, not all of the marriages “took,” but I’m sure the bracelets are still lovely.


A diamond studded version was introduced in 1979, followed by a Cartier Love ring, cufflinks and earrings.


Cartier tells a story of a woman who once showed up at a reception wearing nine Love Bracelets. Her explanation:


“Listen, honey. I’ve had a few lovers in my time, and I made each one of them give me a Cartier Love Bracelet. For me, these nine bracelets are like the notches on a gunfighter’s pistol!”