This year, Hermes jewelry creative director, Mr Hardy Nombred 'Or series of gold jewelry to China, in the interpretation of hermes 2015 new gold series beauty at the same time, and pay tribute to the classic brand.

All know that started with replica Hermes jewelry to make advanced harness and brand logo is the carriage, so natural and exquisite harness fittings is profound relationship.

Jewelry is also endowed with various harness elements, there are last occasion horse horsehead jewelry, also have this link, the chain, and the horse bit buckle jewelry, let us on the one hand, feeling the Hermes jewelry always adhere to and adhering to the essence of style and elegance, on the other hand also saw the gluttonous feast full of artistic aesthetic feeling.

The 18th century, the carriage is the symbol of upper class status and wealth,cheap Hermes jewelry just like "taxi" as a means of transport, is an indispensable part of Paris, horses, so most people love the embodiment of the harness has become a fashion.

Hermes jewelry was founded in Paris, France to make advanced harness, is a low-key style, will be loyal to the traditional arts and crafts, the pursuit of the creative family-owned businesses, the brand logo is a unmanned carriage.