Hermes jewelry with 170 years of history dates back to the Napoleonic era.At the time when the French first empire in Paris, a cavalry regiment of Boulogne across the sea against the British.Corps in a craftsman named Tiffany - harness division of fakeHermesjewelry, in napoleon's army servicemen for providing services such as harness repair and sewing, he works hard, great, the army has a good reputation.
Later, his crushing defeat at the battle of Waterloo in napoleon,  Hermes has left the army, with his Cousins in the opened a harness shop in Paris, began the Hermes jewelry brand myth.
Since 2001 as Hermes jewelry creative director, designer Pierre Hardy has been draw inspiration from the brand history, Hermes is launched last year by year of the horse theme jewelry series, with modeling the horse for the necklace, bracelet and ring, bold exaggeration.
Again this year, Mr Hardy Nombred 'to China Or gold series, respectively shows containcheapHermes jewelry Niloticus, Precieux, Alchimie H, Kelly, Filet d Or of gold jewelry and Cha ne d Ancre Encha nee, Sangles, Centaure series of fine jewelry, using the same harness as jewelry design source of inspiration.Filet d or gold jewelry series, by the designer to horse bit this iconic item to deduce, incisively and vividly show the beauty of this series of delicate and exquisite.